Recurring Dreams

Inspiration, enlightenment, and motivation; dreams can be an escape, a trap, and a tool. Recurring dreams may be more relevant to our identity, state of mind, and life than we imagine. It could be just a dream, or it could be the subconscious revealing an important aspect relevant to our lives on a deeper and perplexing level. I feel there is something to take away from pondering the idea. The subject of dreams is a massive and open-ended topic that can be explored infinitely. I believe dreams can offer insight to aspects of our life we don’t normally pay attention to. Not everyone can remember their dreams, but I feel this topic is worth exploring. Who knows what we can discover about ourselves.

I wanted to explore the connection between an individual’s dream and the emotional outcome expressed on their face. For these portraits, I asked each subject to relax and to close their eyes for approximately 30 seconds and requested they remember the most recent recurring dream in as much detail as they could. After their 30 seconds have past, I asked them to open their eyes slowly after I counted to three. With their fleeting fragments of their dream vanishing, I photographed each subject as they emerged from their dream back to reality. Afterwards, I had each subject write down in one to three sentences a summary of their recurring dream. In addition to this, I had them draw something that related to their dream as well; a scene, a concept, or something symbolic. With this, hopefully we can interpret the individual’s dream and ignite the curiosity to understand our own.

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